A Paper Scarf For People Who Like Wearing Crumpled Notepads Around Their Necks


We have no idea why you will want to wear what looks like a gigantic sheet of paper pad around your neck. I mean, that will only make you look like a crazy person. But, hey, we’re not exactly stalwarts of Fashion Week around here, so maybe there’s some benefit we can’t comprehend when you take to the town wearing this Paper Scarf.

Made by Little Factory, it’s a scarf that you can be wrapped around your neck to keep you toasty during moderately cold weather. Unlike regular scarves, though, it has the consistency and appearance of paper, so when you tie it around your neck, it looks like you crumpled several sheets of notepad that you then wore around your neck because you’re starting a fashion trend inspired by crazy people. Or something like that.


The Paper Scarf isn’t real paper, of course. Instead, it’s actually made from Tyvek, the synthetic paper-like fiber we’ve seen used in products like manly umbrellas, book lamps, and reusable brown bags. As such, it’s very hard to tear and won’t damage from water just like regular fabrics, so it should be just as durable as any scarf in your closet. The product page calls it “a stylish and nice-looking scarf,” which we guess can be accurate if you found the sight of crumpled paper wrapped around somebody’s body part to be brimming with style. It measures 20 x 180 cm (w x l), with a surface that you can actually write on, in case you want to make the notepad appearance even more realistic.


Available now, the Paper Scarf retails for $25.

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