Paper Speakers Dress Up As Miniature Sound Systems, Plugs To USB


A small speaker always makes sense for a papercraft project, since the hardware on those things aren’t too complicated too assemble.  These cut-em-and-fold-em Paper Speaker kits do it solidly, letting you rock your tunes on lightweight boxes made out to look like miniature sound systems.

Available from Japanese retailer Princeton Direct, the mini-speakers ship as separate parts, so you’ll have to put them together yourself.  We advise you to trust your instincts during assembly, since the manual is likely in Japanese.

There are three designs to choose from, each one directly hailing from a different era of home sound systems: an old cabinet system (with a fake vinyl player for good measure), a red boom box right out of an 80s breakdance movie and a bookshelf stereo.  Each one folds to a size of under six inches, so it should find a place at any table or shelf rather easily.

Package includes a single-sheet cardboard design of the speaker housing, a mono NXT speaker module and some glue (no, I doubt it’s the variety you can sniff).  When assembled, the 1W speaker can connect to any PC or MP3 player via a USB port for a rockin’ good time.  Just be careful when using these as your desktop speakers – one spill of coffee and all that paper should end up a waste.

The Paper Speakers are currently available worldwide for $35.

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