Papercraft Pagani Zondas Let You Build Your Own Supercar Fleet

You already own a mini-garage full of papercraft trucks.  And you’ve had your fill.  Now, it’s time to get cranking on your own fleet of supercars.  You can start with these Papercraft Pagani Zondas.

One of the rarest sportscars ever built (only 206 Zondas have been produced throughout its 12 year run), this is the kind of papercraft project to bring prestige to your toy garage.

Sure, it won’t get you hot party girls with low self-esteem the way the real thing would, but we bet you’ll enjoy it all the same.

The Papercraft Pagani Zonda is available as a downloadble PDF file that you can print out and then assemble yourself.  It comes in three colorways, jet black, aero blue, and velocity yellow, each one sporting a finish that actually came out back in the day.  When built, the paper cars measure 2.5 feet long, so they’re big enough to really draw attention when you show them off in your foldable wall shelves.

Each PDF file can be downloaded for $1.95, so it’s easily the cheapest way to get your fingers anywhere near a Zonda.  If you want, you can even do a test run with a free model, so you can check whether you can print and assemble everything before paying a cent.  It’s available from the link below.

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