Use Papertrophy’s DIY Lifesize Gorilla To Reenact All Your Planet Of The Apes Fantasies


Well-done papercraft is always awesome.   Big-ass, grown gorillas are also awesome. Combine both into a single creation and the result can’t help but be awesome, which is why this DIY Lifesize Gorilla Papercraft is easily all manners of wonderful.

Made by Papertrophy, it’s a set of pre-cut and pre-creased sets of card stock that you then fold and glue together into a hulking gorilla that’s the same size and proportions as an actual specimen of the largest living primate species. That way, you can finally reenact those scenes from Rise of the Planet of the Apes right from the comfort of your own home. And, yes, you get to be James Franco in this version.


The DIY Lifesize Gorilla Papercraft stands 3.4 feet in its hunched posture, with its large head, short neck, and substantial build. It uses a polygonal design to give the inanimate beastly primate well-defined dimensions, creating a play of light and shadows when it’s stationed for display in any part of the house. Designed for standing freely, it can be set down right on the floor, whether for scaring guests right by the front door, creating a unique presence in the living room, or keeping watch over the French Fries Bed while you sleep at night.


Each one is made using high-quality 220g per square meter paper, which is thick and heavy enough to assemble into a solid sculpture. To ensure you don’t make any mistakes building your gorilla, it comes with a training sheet that you can practice on before putting together the actual thing.

Papertrophy is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for their papercraft sculptures, which includes the DIY Lifesize Gorilla. Only 50 of this particular model will be made, priced at $199 apiece.

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