Paperweight Desk Is Made From Sturdy Cardboard, Assembles In Minutes

Setting up a fly-by-night office is hard. Getting all those desks and stuff set up can actually take long hours, even days. Smart scoundrels who demand efficiency can definitely do better with the Paperweight Desk, a lightweight cardboard table that can be carried by hand and assembled in minutes.

No longer will you need to abandon perfectly good furniture when you need to run in a jiffy. Just take the desks apart (three minutes average), carry them to the back, load them in the truck and run. Quick escape – all without requiring a crew of workers or a flood of sweat.

Laden with a white finish, the Paperweight Desk looks like a normal wood fixture, instead of the 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard that it actually is. Despite the material, it’s supposed to be very sturdy, making it completely usable when your employees are pretending to work inside your fake business facility. Functionally sound, it has a water-varnished top (19.5 x 29.5), chamfered legs that can be inset or outset, and an integrated cable management system (complete with a tray, outlets and two flaps on the top).

Since it looks smart and works great, the eco-friendly, recyclable desk should be useful to non-shady parties too. The style and features should prove perfect for many uses, including legitimate temporary offices, a spare desk for apartment dwellers and work desks for interns who will only be in the company for a couple of months.

The Paperweight Desk is available in only one color, white, and is priced at £151.99 (around $228). Sounds like great value.

[Nigel’s Eco Store via BLTD]