Paq Chair Is A Beautifully-Designed Mattress/Armchair Combo

Chairs that convert into mattresses aren’t really all that new.  Finding one, however, that actually looks serviceable as a chair is rare.  And that’s exactly what the Paq Chair brings with its novel transforming design.

Unlike many transforming chair/mattresses I’ve seen, this one looks like it can actually hold you decently.  Provided you’re approximately not that much chubbier than the folks in the pictures, of course.  While I doubt it can make for a regular armchair for plopping down after a tiring day, it’s a nice spare seat to have around for entertaining guests and such.

And since those same guests may need a place to sleep in later, the Paq Chair should double up in duty handily.  Simply unzip it from the back, pull out the mattress and roll it down the floor.  The drum-shaped cardboard support, which holds the mattress in chair mode, can be turned over for use as a side table or as a box for holding small belongings.

In chair mode, the mattress part hides inside the chair, with only the replaceable textile cover exposed.  Cover options include cotton, synthetic leather, waterproof fabric (for outdoor use) and a few limited edition designs, all in a variety of colors.

The Paq Chair appears to be available only in Hungary for now.  Price starts at approximately $160.

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