Recycled Parachute Hoodies Look Cool, Won’t Save You From A Fall

Calling your product Parachute Hoodie can lead to some confusion.  Reading the name, I thought the hood would blow up into a large canopy to slow down your descent when you jump out of a plane.  But, alas, it doesn’t. Instead, it’s actually just a good-looking hoodie made from recycled parachute materials.

Made in Switzerland, the garments are constructed out of surplus Swiss military air-brake parachutes.  We’re not sure if you can actually label it an “upcycling” (parachutes are more awesome than hoodies any day of the week), but the finished products do look mighty fine.

Each Parachute Hoodie uses two different colors (orange and white) of the parachutes as its primary material,  so there’s some sexy contrast going on. For further military surplus recycling, it also uses tape taken from the original parachutes for the seams, as well as jersey cuffs ripped out of military balaclavas.  This thing has so much military stuff going for it, your Ecko Master Chief Hoodie might end up shriveling in shame (because, you know, it’s only made from a banal pairing of cotton and polyester).

To complete the look, you get Swiss-made Riri zippers going down the middle, a draw cord and toggle for the hood, and a pair of front pouch pockets.  Only 100 of the garments have been made, all of them handcrafted to exacting standards.

No pricing was given, which (combined with the limited edition thing) only means one thing: the Parachute Hoodie will be expensive.  You can find out more from the link below.

[Remade in Switzerland]