Parasync iPod-Docking Station Lets The Whole Tribe Sync With iTunes At The Same Time


I’ve never found a good reason to own more than one iPod.  Now I have.   I want to arm myself with twenty Apple handhelds just so I can justify owning the Parasync Charging and Synchronization Dock, a USB-based iPod and iPhone station that can sync up to 20 devices at a time.

I have no idea what application requires plugging twenty of Apple’s gadgets in at the same time.  Maybe a  clandestine operation that offers filling your iPods (en masse) from a single iTunes library for a low fee?  Or a large family with a single home computer, perhaps?  Whatever the motivation behind this creation from Parat Solutions, it’s a heck of a thing to look at.

Using only one USB cable, the Parasync capably synchronizes all twenty handheld machines.  It supports the iPod Classic, Nano G4, iPod Touch and the iPhone, with the option to choose what particular docks to install on the slots when you order.

According to the creators, no extra software needs to be installed for the rig to work.  Simply connect the multi-dock into the computer, launch iTunes, register the docked gadgets and begin copying media files.  It’s only guaranteed to work with Macs (certified by Apple), as the USB interface tends to fluctuate in PCs (with twenty of those things attached, it’s no surprise).

The Parasync Charging and Synchronization Dock is only available directly from Parat, at an undisclosed price.  I’ve been wracking my brain trying find a real use for it to no avail – but, I still really, really want one.

[Parat Solutions via Gizmodo]