Paratrooper Tactical Folding Mountain Bike Makes Pushing Pedals Look Bad-Ass


Planning to drop off a plane into the middle of the jungle and bike your way out for your next vacation adventure? Probably not, but just in case you do, you should look into hauling Montague’s Paratrooper Tactical Folding Mountain Bike.


Used by military personnel for real-world operations, it was originally designed as a ground mobility vehicle for airborne units. Creating little to no thermal and acoustic signatures, it allows ground troops to be able to travel virtually undetected.

For easy carriage, the bike can fold into 36 x 28 x 12 inch dimensions, allowing it to either be dropped on a static line or attached via camo wrap to personnel parachuting off an aircraft. It goes from a full bicycle to its compact form in just 30 seconds by turning a lever on the frame. It comes with a 3 x 3 foot carrying bag to allow quick evacuation after missions without having to leave any equipment behind.

Details of the bike include a double-butted 7005 Series aluminum frame in front, an aluminum triangle in the rear, front-loaded RST CAPA-T8 suspension and a 24-speed SRAM gear. It’s available strictly in a camo green color, which fits in nicely with the military theme, so you can look as equally imposing when you take it down less-dangerous trails (like on your way to a Celine Dion concert).

The military-grade Paratrooper Tactical Folding Mountain Bike was developed in conjunction with Darpa, which should instantly add an air of coolness to your city-riding gear. It’s available in both 18- and 20-inch frames for $800 each.

Thanks Military Bikes