Park Tool Master Kit Gets You A Full-Service Bicycle Repair Shop In One Go


A bike multi-tool is great for bringing on the road to make on-the-go repairs. If you’re going to do serious work on bicycles, though, you’ll need full-size tools. And if you prefer to do your shopping in one single stop, you might want to look at the Park Tool Master Kit.

Bundling everything you need to turn a barren garage into a full-service bicycle mechanic workshop, it lets you set up shop in a jiffy. Whether you want to service all the bikes in the neighborhood, your new riding crew, or just the fleet of two-wheel steeds hanging on bike shelves up the garage wall, this kit should get you ready to do just about any maintenance or repair task. Well, this kit and your ability to search for instruction videos on YouTube, of course.

Described as “the tool set… to end all tool sets,” the Park Tool Master Kit is an exhaustive collection of tools, fixtures, gauges, lubricants, and accessories for setting up a well-equipped hub for your bicycle-tinkering activities. Containing 246 pieces, it’s got everything, from all sorts of wrenches to cutters to brushes to a vulcanizing kit to a stool, so you can comfortably do your work with your legs stretched out. Whether you’re building a new mountain bike to race downhill, kitting your children’s bicycles so they can look like the most badass kids on the block, or just doing bike maintenance on your favorite rides, look no further than the contents of the kit to get everything done. Oh yeah, you might want to get a big enough toolbox, too, if you’re expecting this thing in the mail.

Available now, the Park Tool Master Kit is priced at $6,296.

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