Parkit Voyager Camp Chair Comes With Its Own Cooler

Yes, we can appreciate the utility of a compact camp chair that you can strap to a pack and carry with you even while you travel light. If you want real comfort in the outdoors, though, it just doesn’t compare to a bigger full-fledged camp chair. That’s the kind of comfort offered by the Parkit Voyager Outdoor Chair.

Designed to provide proper seating in the outdoors, it ditches the low seat height found in many portable camp chairs, opting to sit you at a proper height and a proper recline angle. Granted, it doesn’t quite collapse in as portable a size as many camp chairs we’ve seen, but if you favor comfort, this is definitely a chair to consider alongside one of Yeti’s similarly-large folding options.

The Parkit Voyager Outdoor Chair is a folding chair designed for premium comfort in recreational settings, making it ideal for bringing to beaches, camp sites, and tailgate parties, among other outdoor gatherings. It has a frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum that, the outfit claims, gives it the strength and resilience necessary to support individuals in all sorts of outdoor terrains, along with a 60mm woven polyester fabric webbing that’s durable, soft, and resistant to sunlight, ensuring it will retain its looks and function over many, many uses.

When collapsing, it folds into a reasonably flat pile that should fit in the boot of most any car, while stashing away in cabinets and under furniture at home. Instead of being carried by hand like traditional folding chairs, it comes with a strap that can be configured for three styles of carrying: over two shoulders like a backpack, over one shoulder like a tote, or cross-body like a satchel. Whichever carrying style you prefer, this chair allows you to bring a proper seat along while freeing up your hands.

The Parkit Voyager Outdoor Chair has bamboo armrests, so your bare arms will be resting on comfortable wood the entire time, instead of the cold aluminum the rest of the frame is made from. It’s a stylish touch that gives the chair a really special aesthetic. An optional detachable cup holder can be mounted on either left or right side (it snaps on to the tube), giving you a convenient place to set down that coffee, beer, or water you’ll be sipping on for the next 30 minutes while you rest your tired legs.

There’s also integrated storage room under the chair that’s designed to fit an optional cooler sized to slot snugly in that compartment. According to the outfit, the soft-sided cooler can keep ice for eight hours, making it ideal for day trips and tailgates, all while having four exterior pockets for stashing any smaller items you want to bring along. And yes, the cooler can stay on that slot even while the chair is folded, so you can carry all your drinks on your back, along with the chair.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Parkit Voyager Outdoor Chair. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $149.

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