Particula GoChess Brings Self-Moving Chess Pieces, Light-Up Squares For AI Training, And Voice Command Support

We’ve seen a number of smart connected chess sets in the past. There’s Square Off, which uses magnet-based robotics to physically move chess pieces on their own, allowing you to play against both AI and online opponents just like they’re sitting on the other side of the board. Then, there’s Chessup, a training-focused AI chess set that lights up the board to show your move options. The Particula GoChess, basically, combines both of those feature sets to give you a more complete smart chess set.

Billed as the “smartest robotic and AI-powered chess board,” it’s the first chess set to bring together this collection of smart features all in one place. Want opponent pieces to move on their own like you’re playing with an invisible opponent? This can do that. How about real-time coaching that can show you possible moves in any situation on the board? It can do that, too.

The Particula GoChess consists of a chessboard with a thick housing that hides the magnets, LEDs, and electronics inside, along with a full set of magnetic chess pieces that can snap onto the board in place. Similar to the Square Off, it can move the pieces on the board autonomously, allowing your opponent’s pieces to move even without a player physically sitting on the other side of the board. Even better, it can respond to voice commands, so you can simply call out your moves and have the board move your pieces accordingly. When you start a game, the board will also automatically arrange the pieces in place, whether you’re playing a standard game, returning to a previous game, or solving a chess puzzle from the companion app.

Built-in sensors allow the device to know exactly where each piece sits on the board, so it knows the layout of the game board in real time. Similar to the Chessup, there’s a built-in lighting system that can illuminate each individual square on the board, allowing it to show you all possible moves if you turn on the training mode. The lights are color-coded, too, so you can easily identify which moves the AI recommends and which ones can put you in a bind.

The Particula GoChess app supports both Lichess and, so you can compete against online opponents while playing in a physical board. The app also comes with a variety of chess puzzles that you can use to hone your situational playing skills, as well as historical games that you can play out on the board. If there are games being streamed on any of the supported platforms, you can also watch those games play out using physical chess pieces. The app keeps track of all your games and practice sessions, y the way, so it has a detailed record of your historical performance, allowing it to give real-time analysis and insights if you want that kind of feedback in your games. Do note, the board doesn’t fold in half like your typical chess set so it’s less portable than your standard set. It does come with a rechargeable battery, though, so you can play it on the road if you’re willing to put up with the bigger size.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Particula GoChess. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $199.

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