Party Cooler Chills Your Drinks For 8 Hours Without Power

Every backyard BBQ bash needs cold drinks.  And if you’ve got a big party coming, a box cooler full of beer and soda is likely to empty out long before the steaks finish cooking.  You want something that can cool more drinks and do it without the mess of ice cubes melting — something like the Summit Round Refrigerated Party Cooler.

Unlike standard coolers, you don’t need to dump the ice in the same space as the drinks, so you don’t end up having to scoop up a bottle or can in a pool of icy water.  Instead, it features a separate compartment for storing ice, which spreads the cold temperature across the rig’s curved walls.  A single load of ice in the bank allows you to keep drinks chilled for up to 8 hours straight.

Designed for portable use around the house, the Summit Round Refrigerated Party Cooler comes with casters that let you push it from the patio to the backyard to the living room to wherever the party ends up.  And if you end up situating it next to a power outlet, you could plug it in for use like a regular fridge, cooling down your drinks even without throwing in a slab of ice.

Sporting  shape and size similar to a drum container, there’s enough interior space to hold up to 50 cans of beer.  Just keep refilling as soon as supplies run low and this thing could literally keep your party rolling from start to finish.  Features include two wooden side shelves (that you can use as tables), a lift-up glass lid and a hanging chrome storage rack for holding bottles of spirits.

The Summit Round Refrigerated Party Cooler is available now, priced at $729.95.