Patchnride Can Repair Punctured Bike Tires In 60 Seconds

Patchnride is a small handheld tool that you can use to quickly patch punctures on your bicycle tires.  And by quickly, they’re not kidding.  You don’t even need to remove the tire from the bike.  Instead, you just patch it in place using a process that can take as short as 60 seconds.

Instead of a messy and laborious 12-step process like traditional tire repair work, the device lets you fix a tire in just a few steps. You simply have to locate the puncture with the bundled leak detector, clean any debris from the area, insert the tool into the tire, press the release button, and remove the tool.  Done.  Just pump air back in and get back on the road.

Rather than use a sealant as you’d probably expect, Patchnride actually covers up the holes using patch pods that can seal any cuts up to 3mm.  One patch pod can only be used for one puncture, so make sure you bring a few every time you go out riding for an extended amount of time (you can only load the tool with one patch pod at a time).  Since it patches the tire from the inside, it’s a permanent fix, too, so there’s no need to bring it to a shop later for repairs.  The tool can work on, practically, any bike tire (tubular, clinchers, MTB, cruisers, tubeless , fat, and running strollers), although you’ll need to buy different types of patch pods for different kinds of tires.  It measures just 5 inches long, so you can keep it in a pocket of your bike jacket, a pouch on your bike bag, or under the saddle.

Slated to ship in the Fall, the Patchnride is now on pre-order, priced at $30.

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