A Swinging Pouch Allows You To Access The Paxis Backpack Without Taking It Off


There’s a reason why some people wear fanny packs even while they already carry backpacks: there’s just some gear that you want to access without having to take off that thing strapped on your shoulders. That will no longer be necessary when you use the Paxis, a backpack with a second compartment that can swing out front for easy access to some of your stash.

While it looks like a regular backpack at first glance, the bag is actually divided into two separate compartments. The top one functions like a regular backpack, while the bottom one, called the shuttle pod, is held on an articulated aluminum arm that can be swung around your body in order to put the second compartment out front. That way, you can put gear you aren’t likely to need frequently in the top section, while keeping items like cameras, smartphones, and snacks on the bottom, allowing you to quickly grab them and just as easily stow out of the way.


To swing the shuttle pod of Paxis, you simply need to pull the handle mounted on the right shoulder to release the lock and then pull it to the front. Done. It comes in two sizes: 20 x 12 x 7 inches and a smaller 18 x 12 x 7 inches, with the shuttle pod just an inch shorter in height in the smaller version. Both are made from water-resistant NYLAR ballistic fabric, with padded straps and belts, padded and vented backing, an interior tablet pocket, an integrated hydration port, and two interior zippered pockets.

Available now, pricing for the Paxis starts at $239.

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