PC Drawer And Locking Safe Adds A Storage Compartment To Your Desktop Box


Got a few empty slots on the front of your desktop PC case (who doesn’t)?  Why not put the space to good use with the PC Drawer and Locking Safe, which adds a functional storage compartment to your desktop rig.

Classic desktop cases offer a lot of room for front-panel expansion.  Funny thing is, most people really don’t have any use for them, other than for an optical drive and added ports.  In fact, the lot of PC boxes I’ve seen simply leave two or three of these media slots barren and unused – a veritable waste of otherwise useful space.

The PC Drawer and Locking Safe changes all that, adding a functional pull-out storage panel to your desktop case.  Set includes one plastic pull-out drawer, one locking panel, four dividers (two vertical and two horizontal) and one CD post.  You can slip the drawer into any available media slot.  If you want it protected by lock and key, you’ll need to put the locking panel on the one right above it, though.  Of course, locking the drawer is pretty useless, considering the side panels of desktop cases come out rather easily, but to each idiot his own.

It should offer a great place to hold office knick-knacks, CDs and other small personal items, all without adding any extra component on your table.  Should make a nice hiding place for candies and crackers, too, in case you don’t want thieving co-workers munching on them.  Very, very nifty.

According to the sales page, the PC Drawer and Locking Safe can hold up to 24 CDs stacked together, which makes for a decent amount of headroom.  It’s available for $9.95 per set.

[Klear Gear via Craziest Gadgets]