PDA Wall Organizer: Charge Your Gadgets Without The Mess


With the docks and chargers for the dozen or so portable devices that your family packs, small corners can easily turn into an ugly mess of wires that resemble a server room more than an abode.   As such, a small docking organizer can do wonders for keeping your modern home tidy.

Let’s face it, though.  Electronics are cool, but all that gadgetry just don’t lend themselves to home decor.  Unless you’re aiming to give your home an interior that mimics a tacky section at Best Buy, you don’t want to direct attention to one of those plastic 3-in-1 docks.

Ballard Designs may have just come up with the perfect solution.  Blending the best of classic decor with the needs of modern families, they designed a vintage-looking dock organizer that you can easily sit atop a table or mount up on a wall.  Taking inspiration from old wall shelves circa 1930s, it features six separate docking areas, with ample hidden space below to take the host of wires away from sight.

Each section of the shelf should fit most hand held devices, with the top line probably able to handle most MIDs.  There’s an area for labels under each opening, so you can mark which gadgets are supposed to go where.  It’s called the PDA Wall Organizer (even, though, nobody uses the word PDA anymore) and you can get it from Ballard’s online store in either black or white for $79 apiece.   Actual chargers not included.

[Ballard Designs via HomeTone]