Yes, Someone Made A Technical Picnic Blanket For All Your Rugged Al Fresco Meals


We know, the Technical Picnic Blanket from Prometheus Design Works sounds overkill. If you prefer your gear with high levels of durability and better resistance to the elements, then might as well embrace the excess and enjoy your al fresco lunches in this badass picnic blanket.

Measuring 54 x 84 inches, it offers plenty of room to set down food and refreshments that you can enjoy with a small group of friends, whether for a quick lunch in the park or a large meal after a long hike in the wild. And, yes, those technical elements ensure it will handle the backcountry with the same ease as the grounds on a grassy park, allowing it to serve as much more than a simple picnic blanket.


The PDW Technical Picnic Blanket is a dual-layer blanket with silicone-impregnated, PU-coated 30D nylon ripstop on the bottom and a wool-nylon blend at the top. That combo allows it to repel water and shrug off the rougher grounds of your backcountry campsite, all while being comfortable enough to lie down on when you need to take a nap after a big meal. It comes with six cord loops that serves as staking points, so you can keep it on the ground during windy days, as well as a compact stuff sack measuring just 6.5 x 11 inches (diameter x length) for ultra-convenient transport.


Available now, the PDW Technical Picnic Blanket is priced at $189.

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