Peak Design Tech Pouch Gives You A Convenient Way To Organize Your Small Electronics And EDC Gear

Remember when technology was supposed to streamline the amount of things we carry every day? Between our laptops and phones to external drives and chargers to power banks and all sorts of accessories, though, it sure doesn’t feel like technology succeeded the way we expected. Yeah, we still need to carry a fair bit of stuff on the daily. The Peak Design Tech Pouch is designed to help organize all that mess.

A storage pouch similar in size to a dopp kit, it gives you a handy place to stash all those small electronics and EDC items you bring along throughout the day. Granted, you’re not going to fit a laptop or a tablet in there, but if your everyday stash is teeming in small electronics, cables, adapters, and all sorts of EDC accessories, we have a feeling you’ll appreciate the organization this can bring your way.

The Peak Design Tech Pouch is a small pouch measuring 9.5 x 6 x 4 inches (width x height x depth), with a 2-liter volume capacity that should allow it to fit a generous selection of small items. It opens clamshell-style, so you get full access to the contents at once, ensuring you won’t have to dig through a pile of items to get to that cable that you want. To make organizing the contents easy, it comes with internal pockets arranged in an origami-style layout that’s as good-looking as it is efficient, complete with soft lining, so it won’t nick or scratch any valuables you keep inside. Basically, the pockets divide the erstwhile limited interior space into 16 different sections, making it an ideal storage spot for many of the small accessories we take around regularly.

Want a storage for hard drives, spare batteries, and memory cards? Yep, this will work. How about the mouse, port hub, and charger you carry for your laptop? This will handle those fine, too. What about multi-tools, pocket knives, ear buds, and all the other stuff that otherwise end up stuffing your pocket? Offload them to this thing and keep them all in one place.

The Peak Design Tech Pouch has a zippered closure, so everything stays securely inside while you’re on the move, while pass-through openings allow you to run cables to charge gadgets without having to open the main compartment. It doesn’t just provide storage inside, as it offers a document pocket on the outside, too, which you can use for passports, IDs, and other documents you want to quickly pull out as needed.

Construction is 100 percent recycled 200D nylon, so it should be durable enough to hold up to regular use, while a DWR-impregnated shell ensures your stuff will stay dry, no matter what weather you encounter as you go about your day. And yes, all hardware used is weatherproof, too, so water won’t be able to get in through the openings. According to the outfit, the bag keeps its form and stands upright, too, even when the pockets are completely cleaned out and empty.

The Peak Design Tech Pouch is available in five colors, priced at $59.95.

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