Pearce Knives Offer Blades With Unique Handles

You can buy knives most anywhere.  If you want a knife you can impress your buddies with when they come over, though, you’ll probably need to commission a relatively expensive custom from a knifemaker.  Alternatively, you can jump over to Pearce Knives and get yourself one of the unique bladed weapons in their inventory.

Ran by Logan Pearce, a third generation knifemaker, the creations feature some of the most unique knives we’ve seen.  It’s not surprising since Logan learned the craft from his grandfather, who specialized in turning everyday objects like wrenches, railroad spikes and rebars into perfectly functional apple-slicing blades.

While none of the blades featured on the Pearce Knives website will ever rival the Jagkdcommando’s level of menacing, they do pack some of the most unique handles we’ve seen.  The blades themselves are pretty standard, but the handles are fashioned from various everyday objects like bolts, horseshoes, and tire irons, making for some seriously attractive creations.  Granted, having a knife with a tire iron handle lying around the house will probably lead to a foolish mistake down the line (you will mistake it for a tire iron and grab the knife by the blade — ouch), but we’ll take the bad with the good.

According to Logan, all his knives are forged using traditional methods — as in, he heats them to high temperatures in a forge and beats them into his desired shape with a massive hammer.  Pearce Knives is only a one-man shop (the rest of the family didn’t really follow in the knifesmithing path),  so orders usually take around three weeks or longer to be serviced.  Prices range from $20 to $75.

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