Pega Design’s Wall Decals Will Do More Than Decorate Your Room


Who says only TVs could go the 3D route?  Pega Design’s new line of wall stickers don’t just adorn your walls with fancy art – they pop out too.   And you don’t even need special glasses to enjoy it.

I’d say throw a little more flair to the concept however, and these could make for some awesome-looking interiors.


Current designs consist of just three pieces – a lampshade sticker with a pop-out top that actually functions as a light, a perfume bottle decal that actually serves as a scent diffuser and a gramophone with a radio tuner inside.   I’m not sure how good they’d look on your wall, though, as they’ll probably need to be dressed up with accompanying decals, paint or wallpaper.


Seriously, I love the idea.  In many ways, this could be a precursor to the future.  Pop-out wall shelves anyone?  A wall decal featuring an ultra-thin TV, perhaps?  How about an arcade box wall decal with a game of Space Invaders built-in?  Would be great if it can be peeled off and reapplied elsewhere too, so you can redecorate at will.

Aaah…wishful thinking.  Who knows, right?

[Pega Design via Design Boom]