Water Your Salads Like A Garden With This Citrus Juicer Watering Can


It looks like a watering can. You know, if all you had to water was a small pot that you keep by the window in the kitchen. The Peleg Design Lemoniere, however, merely looks like a watering can. Instead, the darn thing is actually a can-shaped juicer for “watering” food items in your kitchen with freshly-squeezed juice.

That’s right, you can sprinkle juice on your fresh green salads the same way you water your garden in the backyard, making the erstwhile mundane task just a little bit more interesting. Yes, you can sprinkle the juice straight into your mouth, too, so you can feel like a parched plant getting its thirst quenched on a hot summer afternoon. Or something like that.


The Peleg Design Lemoniere is, basically, a mini-watering can that can hold eight ounces of juice in the container, with a reamer on top for squeezing all the fluids out of lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits. And, yes, you use it much like any citrus reamer – simply cut the fruit in half, push it on the reamer, and twist downwards to force all the juice out. That’s simple enough that you can have your kids perform the task of filling up the watering can, with the unique gardening-themed design giving it the feel of enjoyable play rather than another chore.

A built-in strainer ensures only the actual juice drips down to the watering can, with all seeds collecting on the well for easy disposal. Once filled up, you can dispense the juice through the integrated spout in a manner that totally mimics the way you would water the plants in your garden. We know, it’s totally unnecessary whether you’re sprinkling juice for sauces, salad dressings, or a cake you’re baking, but it definitely makes an erstwhile boring chore feel a little more whimsical. Plus, it could make for a decent way to encourage your kids to eat more salads as part of their meals. I wouldn’t count on it, but who knows?


The Peleg Design Lemoniere measures 6.9 x 4.7 x 3.1 inches (width x height x depth), with its odd shape likely making it a little difficult to find storage room for, compared to similar manual juicers. Still, if you enjoy a little kitsch every time you get down to work in the kitchen (who doesn’t?), the darn thing sure does it as far as juicers and reamers go. Plus, you can actually use it as a watering can to sprinkle some water on that plant you have growing by the window.


Do note, since it looks like a toy, there’s a good chance your kids will pick this out from the kitchen and bring it with them during play. Then again, if you’re the type to keep a Nessie Ladle, a Flying Spaghetti Monster Colander, and an air hockey dispenser set for your salt-and-pepper, there’s a good chance you’re used to kids raiding the kitchen for extra toys. And, yeah, you’re probably the type.

The Peleg Design Lemoniere is available now.

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