Pelican Just Made Their Hard Cases 40 Percent Lighter


From professional camera rigs to specialty rifles to expensive watches, people from varied walks of life rely on Pelican’s hard cases to protect their prized possessions. Being durable and extra-tough, however, has its downsides. Most notably, the added weight such reinforcements tack on to your already heavy gear. Fortunately, that changes for the better with the new Pelican Air Cases.

While still as tough as every product in the outfit’s Protector series, these new cases come lighter than ever, boasting up to 40 percent less weight compared to similarly-sized polymer cases. That way, your fragile gear stays as protected as ever, all while easing some of the load you’re going to have to carry.


The Pelican Air Case shaves plenty of weight by using honeycomb structural elements within the case body, along with super-stiff full box sections that enable hollow portions in the structure without losing strength. The entire thing is also molded from a proprietary resin, which boasts extreme toughness while being ultra-light. That durable and lightweight base is joined by ultra-tough double-throw latches, watertight O-ring gaskets to keep the elements away, an automatic purge valve for balancing the air pressure, and rubber overmolded handles for serious all-around durability.


Features include a new lid shape, stainless steel hasp protectors, and a removable see-thru card holder that can be placed either out front or on the side. Six cases will be available in the initial launch, ranging from 17.8 x 10.2 x 6.2 to 29.4 x 15.5 x 9.4 inches (w x d x h).

Availability for the Pelican Air Case starts in May.

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