Peloton Brings Their Video Streaming Workout Platform To Treadmills


To say that Peloton has revolutionized stationary bike use at home is an understatement. For some reason, their streaming spin classes have managed to make home users get on the saddles of their stationary bikes again and again. This time around, they’re applying the same formula to treadmills in the form of the Peloton Tread.

Similar to their spin bikes, the treadmill doesn’t depart much from traditional versions of the exercise machine, so it looks and operates much like the one you’ve been using in the gym. Except, you know, it comes with a large screen out front where you can watch video instruction from the outfit’s library of workouts, making you feel like you’re in a gym class following a trainer’s directions.


The Peloton Tread is a treadmill cut in a carbon steel frame, so it should hold up to frequent use, with a shock-absorbing rubber slat belt supporting your feet with every stride. It has a ball-bearing system designed to facilitate low-impact training, so it should be gentler on the knees compared to running on roads and trails. If you have bad knees (or are worried about developing them over time), using this to get your running workouts in should work a whole lot better for keeping those joints pristine.

As with any treadmill, it comes with grips on the front and sides, so you can grab a hold of something to maintain stability, as well as rest your arms when you start getting tired. There are also controls for manually adjusting the angle of evaluation and running pace, both of which can be adjusted using large knobs, as well as a pair of cup holders for holding your water bottles and whatever other refreshments you like to keep within reach.


The Peloton Tread starts departing from the classic treadmill design by the inclusion of a 32-inch touchscreen display that’s mounted out front, along with an integrated soundbar for playing audio loud and clear.  You can stream any workout from the outfit’s library on the screen out front (they currently have over a thousand workouts available), with more than 10 live classes added daily similar to Peloton’s spin workouts. As with all modern fitness gadgets, it tracks real-time workout metrics, such as calories, elevation, and heart rate, all of which are prominently displayed on the screen, so you check how you’re doing with a quick glance.


The library comes with running, walking, floor, and total body workouts, so there’s plenty of variety to keep things interesting. That’s why the treadmill comes with a workout pad and dumbbells, so you can get a more complete workout if that’s what you’re interested in. And, yes, you can use your own dumbbells and kettlebells in your workouts instead, in case the supplied ones are a little too light for your liking. There’s no word on whether there’s a camera on the treadmill for video calling fellow users, although there is one on their spin bikes, so we imagine it’s the same for this.

The Peloton Tread is priced at $4,000.

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