Pencilman Tape Measure Uses A Pen Clamp For One-Handed Measuring And Marking


When using tape measure, there’s a good chance you’re carrying a writing instrument, too, so you can quickly mark the exact section you’re cutting, folding, or attaching something to. So why not add a pen right on your tape measure? That’s exactly what the Pencilman does.

That’s right, this tape measure comes with a locking clamp right out front where you can secure a writing instrument. That way, as soon as you hit the target length, you simply move the tape measure sideways to mark the area, with the whole thing easily accomplished using just a single hand for hassle-free operation.


The Pencilman is an erstwhile conventional tape measure, with an ultra-strong tape brake to ensure it locks in place and an ambidextrous reversible design. Except, of course, for the locking clamp, which can hold everything from pencils and pens to Sharpies and markers, ensuring you can get your measuring and marking tasks done with whatever writing instrument you have on hand. Features include a 25 feet length, Imperial measurements, and a grippy rubber finish. It measures 6.7 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches.


Aside from being handy for marking straight lines one-handed, the design also makes it easy to mark arcs, circles, parallel slide marks, and more. Simply put, it adds an unusually versatile function to the traditional toolbox staple.

Available now, the Pencilman is priced at $35.

PENCILMAN Marking Tape Measure - Holds any pencil...
  • Versatile pencil clamp holds any pencil, pen, or marker including Sharpies.