Pendleton Revolver Safe Will Organize And Showcase Your Armageddon Gun Stash

You never know when that giant asteroid will fall from space or when that secret zombie bio-weapon will accidentally be released into the general population, so it’s always a good idea to keep a stash of weapons for the unavoidable chaos that will ensue.    And where do you hide all that artillery for organized safekeeping?  Pendleton Valuables Management’s Revolver gun safes look like an excellent solution.

Clad in a tall cylindrical design, the safes can hold both large and small guns, allowing you a wide range of options in your chosen armament.  The interior consists of a similarly-cylindrical shelving system that can be rotated for easy access to  every single item in your collection.

The Pendleton Revolver comes in a range of sizes, the largest one having enough shelf space for up to 54 pistols and 40 rifles.  Obviously, that’s enough artillery to arm your family and a few choice neighbors, as you fend off the procession of zombies that will try to eat your brains in our inevitable future.

Each safe boasts 100% steel construction, with chrome-plated handles (models come with either three or five spokes) and an S&G Electronic Locking Mechanism to keep it shut tight.  Aside from the shelves, the white-painted interior also comes with over 300 LED lights installed to allow for better visibility and a motor for auto-rotating the shelves (very useful when showing off your gun collection).

Check out the promo video below to learn more.

[Pendleton Valuables Management, via Core 77]