Use Penroll To Keep A Handy Storage For Writing Supplies Right On Your Notebook


If you regularly keep a notebook nearby, then you also keep a pen or two in the same place. And while you can always clip a pen to the notebook’s covers, this Penroll should offer a better way to keep your writing instruments within easy reach.

A sleeve that clips to the sides of a notebook, it gives you handy storage spots for pens and rulers right on the front and back covers, ensuring all your writing instruments are secured in the same spot. No more keeping your pen in random places and losing them throughout the course of the day, since they’re all conveniently located right in the exact same spot.


Penroll comes with nine storage slots, eight for writing instruments and one for a small ruler (yes, even one with a bottle opener). It’s made from a two-part piece, one for the front and another for the back, with a button closure that lets you connect the two, so they wrap snugly around the notebook. When using the notebook, just unbutton the sleeve and lay it flat across the sides of the notebook, giving you easy access to the pens while you jot down notes on the pad. Designed to fit most notebooks in the market, it comes with two press fasteners in the back that let you adjust the width to snugly fit around A4 notebooks, A5 notebooks, and large Moleskines alike (for the last one, you clip it top to bottom, instead of around the notebook). Construction is a hard-wearing canvas with a slight stretch that allows it to pull just a little extra when fitting around more irregularly-sized stationery.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Penroll. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at £12.

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