PenSword Eraser Turns Pencils Into Mini-Sabers


There’s nothing satisfying about staging a swordfight with swords that measures less than a foot tall. But if you need a little distraction in the office and you don’t want to draw too much attention, turning your pencils into makeshift sabers with these PenSword erasers will probably be enough to tide you over.

Sure, it’s not going to be as fun as dueling with your co-workers using a LaserSaber, but we bet you can kill a few minutes enjoyably with the little swords you can make with this thing. Whether for knighting an action figure you just got in the mail, pretending to commit hara-kiri after a particularly bad decision, or just finding an alternative to thumb-wrestling with the dude in the next cubicle, we have a feeling this thing should do the trick.


Made by Peleg Design, the PenSword is an eraser cast in the form of a sword’s hilt, with a hole on one end for squeezing in a standard-sized pencil to serve as the blade. It comes complete with a rain guard, a cross guard, and a knuckle guard, although it’s too small to fit an actual hand unless you’re a little child, so you’ll likely end up gripping this with just two fingers and a thumb if you want to wield it while declaring dominion over your kingdom. And by “kingdom,” we mean the cubicle you consider a second home. Yes, it’s a real eraser, too, so you can use it to remove mistakes on a pad of paper if you haven’t entirely abandoned handwriting in favor of digital alternatives.


The PenSword is available now, priced at $6.50.

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