PepperAlarm Lets You Secure Your House With Pepper Spray


You can rig your security system such that it will start firing guns whenever it detects intruders. Having to deal with the police when your bullets leave a burglar in a fatal condition, though, might not be the best use of your time. If you’d rather just deter would-be thieves, maybe the PepperAlarm will work a whole lot better.

A home security tool, the device unleashes a pepper spray attack on detected intruders, leaving them temporarily blinded and choking. Why? According to the outfit, this is to deter burglars who trigger your alarm, then go ahead and steal your valuables anyway, since they’re familiar with response times and know they have, at least, a few minutes to pick up their loot. With this, those few minutes can turn into uncomfortable moments of pain, forcing them to leave the premises without taking anything.


The PepperAlarm consists of a small box designed to mount on walls that you can install in strategic locations in your home or place of business.  Out of the box, there’s actually no pepper spray onboard. Instead, it’s designed to work with standard pepper spray canisters you can find at Amazon or your local Wal-Mart, so you can arm it with a spray that holds the exact kind of potency and range you desire. Whether you want a spray that reaches a maximum distance, one that produces the heaviest stream, or one with insane levels of capsaicin, this thing should accommodate it without any trouble. To equip the device, just remove the front panel, load up your canister on the central chamber, and cover it back up.

Using an integrated passive IR motion sensor, the device can recognize when there’s movement right in front of it, allowing it to have a good chance of actually hitting the intruder with the spray. Granted, the sensor will still be triggered even if the burglar had his back turned, in which case, you won’t be able to hit him square in the face, although the spray should still cause some amount of discomfort.

Each PepperAlarm comes with a wireless key fob that you can use to arm and disarm the device, so make sure to arm it only when you’re leaving to avoid accidentally getting yourself doused in the nasty stuff. It actually comes with three key fobs, so other people in your place can turn it off as needed, along with all hardware necessary for mounting it up a wall.

According to the outfit, they originally designed the device for stores and other small businesses that found themselves to be a frequent burglary target after business hours. It makes sense since stores usually have plenty of inventory inside, which burglars can loot in short order, allowing them to trigger the alarm and still come out with a good amount of stolen goods before the local cops can respond. Despite that, it has also proven popular among homeowners who are looking for alternative ways of securing their homes – just make sure to turn the darn thing off when you have people in the house or it won’t end well.

The PepperAlarm is available now, priced at $298.

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