This SUP-Kayak Hybrid Combines The Best Of Both In One


We’re familiar with SUPs. And we’re familiar with kayaks. So call us baffled when we first saw the Perception Hi Life, which looks like a SUP with appointments that were borrowed right off a kayak. So what exactly is it?

Turns out, it’s both. A SUP and kayak hybrid, the watercraft can be used for stand-up paddling much like any regular deck. Unlike traditional SUPs, however, you can sit down on the raised seating area and ride it like a kayak, so you can rest your weary legs while enjoying the local waters.

The Perception Hi Life has a low-profile hull shape that allows it to be perfectly stable on the water, while still facilitating smooth tracking and satisfying acceleration while paddling. A raised platform standing 11.25 inches high serves as the seat, complete with a padded back rest and seat bottom for comfortable use and a pull-up strap for standing assistance in case you get cramps while plopped down. It has track pads on the stern and mid-ship to help you find secure footing, while a low rear swim deck with molded-in handles makes it easy to re-enter the deck when you fall on the water.

Features include a fold-down back rest (so it doesn’t get in the way when you paddle standing), a cooler storage area under the seat, a tankwell in the back for extra storage, a cup holder, and a center rail that runs from bow to seat allows you to mount extra accessories. It measures 11 x 1.8 feet and has a maximum weight capacity of 280 pounds.

Available now, the Perception Hi Life is priced at $799.

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