Peregrine Glove Morphs The Keyboard Into A Glove, Makes Playing MMOs Easier


Do you spend half your day playing MMO games (and the other half watching YouTube)?  Spare yourself from memorizing dozens of keyboard shortcuts with the Peregrine Glove, a gaming accessory that maps keypresses into hand motions, so you can perform spells and attacks with simple finger touches.

It’s essentially just a USB keyboard with a software interface that translates the movements into their corresponding keys.   That means it will work with pretty much any computer (even slightly older ones), along with any software they have installed.


The Peregrine Glove allows for up to 30 user-programmable actions, using 18 touch points and 3 activator pads.  It’s only available left-handed, so you can keep your right hand free for either the mouse or the trackpad (whichever you prefer).   The company claims that the gloves are manufactured according to military standards, so you can still perform a facepalm after making a stupid move (and we both know you do that a lot) without breaking it.  It comes with a magnetic breakaway pod, so you can raise your hands in victory (or to smell your armpit – time to take a bath already) without accidentally pulling the plug.

Ever meant to cast the shrinking spell but accidentally pressed the self-destruct button?  With more precise movements facilitated by the glove, you can banish those same mistakes from your gameplay forever.  Unless your fingers confuse you, of course.  If they do, you might want to consider putting an end to your gaming career.  Here, take this miniature pistol.

Set for availability sometime in the first quarter of 2010, the Peregrine Glove should make it even easier to feed your MMO addiction.  You can preorder it for $130 directly from their website (link below).

[The Peregrine via Oh Gizmo]