Perfect Cut Updates The Utility Knife For Faster And More Precise Cutting Action


With a pair of scissors and a utility knife on hand, you can cut, pretty much, any kind of paper product. How precise you can make those cuts and how long a time it will take, however, will depend on a lot of things, from the steadiness of your hand to the complexity of the shape to the amount of experience you have with precision hand-cutting. The Perfect Cut is a utility knife that comes with numerous modules to simplify different cutting tasks.

An erstwhile regular utility knife, the cutter uses snap-off blades that you can easily remove when it gets dull, similar to the utility razors you currently use when performing cutting and slicing duties. Unlike your cutters, though, it comes with multiple modules that will make different cutting tasks easier to carry out, whether you’re slicing straight down the middle, clipping a perfect circle, or cutting a complex shape with half a dozen corners.


The Perfect Cut consists of a conventional utility knife that uses traditional 9mm snap-off blades, so you can use it much like any regular cutter. A wide 12-inch ruler with cutouts along the center is included with the blade, which you can use to perform traditional straight cuts (just the ruler and the knife) and the system’s more unconventional uses (the ruler is shaped to accommodate the add-on components). Chief among the components is a vari-angle module that you can use to slice down on materials at precise angles between 0 to 45 degrees at five-degree intervals, so you can cut as deep or as light as needed for whatever you’re doing.

A 90-degree module allows you to hold the blade completely vertical, such that the pointed tip of the blade is the one touching the surface at all times, even while you turn the blade in different directions, while a compass module can be attached to the ruler for cutting circles. For the latter, by the way, you attach the compass along the length of the ruler (place it at the exact radius you want) and the 90-degree module at the end of it, then cut a circle through the material in a stable manner.


The Perfect Cut also includes a 45-degree module that works much like the 90-degree component, except it holds the blade at a permanent 45-degree angle for lighter, gentler cuts. Do note, only the utility knife, the ruler, and the vari-angle module are designed for ambidextrous use, with the 45-degree module, 90-degree module, and the compass strictly for right-handed use.


According to the outfit, the blade should be able to cut through high-density boards (up to 2mm), corrugated cardboard (up to 5mm), EVA foam (up to 10mm), corrugated plastic (up to 3mm), balsa (up to 2mm), and leather (up to 2mm), among other materials. Construction looks mostly plastic for the tools, although they offer an option to get the ruler in an aluminum build.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Perfect Cut. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $89.

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