PerioTwist Offers A Faster, More Efficient Way To Floss Your Teeth


Chances are, your dentist tells you to floss. Chances are, you rarely do. That’s because flossing isn’t quite as easy of an activity as brushing your teeth, making it a little more involved (and, let’s be honest, unpleasant). We seriously need a better, easier alternative to flossing. Maybe it will be the PerioTwist?

An inter-dental cleaner, it’s a toothpick-like tool that’s sized to fit inside the gap between your teeth, allowing you to clean it with toothpick-like convenience. No more picking up a line of floss and awkwardly working it in the inside of your mouth – this thing makes cleaning between the teeth a lot less elaborate affair.


PerioTwist is, basically, a wire toothbrush, which isn’t exactly new. The creators claim, however, that the drill-like shape and wire configuration enables it to not just fit all individuals (traditional wire toothbrushes come with different sizes), but to clean effectively whether you’re pushing, pulling, or twisting. It can also be used to deposit toothpaste and medication between the teeth cleanly (as in, the paste won’t fall out when you remove the tool), all while conveniently attaching to a dental drill for faster application.

Construction is two types of FDA-approved plastic, which come with integrated antibacterial to ensure it doesn’t require special cleaning after use. Each PerioTwist can be used for up to 10 days before throwing away (it’s when the antibacterial wears off), making it a lot more economical than single use dental floss.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for PerioTwist. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $14.

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