Perk Travel Mug Makes Its Own Coffee, Tea And Hot Water

That travel mug has some nerve, doing nothing but holding your coffee.  Well, someone finally did something about and built the Perk, injecting the erstwhile humble drinking vessel with a dose of multi-tasking powers.

Cramming a boatload of talents in a single container, the overachieving coffee mug doubles as a French press, triples as tea infuser and even quadruples as its own electric kettle.  All that, of course, apart from being a perfectly functional vessel for enjoying your Star Wars Dark Side Coffee while on the go.

The Perk is made from BPA-free polymer and measures 8.4 x 3.75 inches (h x d).  It features dual walls to lock in heat and keep your hands from burning, all while ferrying up to 12 ounces of hot beverage at any one time.  And, yes, it looks like a regular travel mug, too, not some alien spaceship as many multi-function creations usually do.

Three interchangeable lids are included: one for regular travel mug function, one with a tea infuser and one with a French coffee press.  The mug itself won’t perform the electric kettle function, but you can dock it in the included heating base if you’re looking to warm your liquids.  The base, by the way, comes with a temperature control knob right on the body, as well as an auto-off feature when the water reaches boiling point.

Invented by Brian Wethington over at Quirky, the Perk Travel Mug is currently waiting for 1,500 pledges to begin production.  You can reserve one for yourself by putting down $37.99.

[more at Quirky]