Pet At Work Backpack Lets You Haul A Dog On Your Back, Throws In A Laptop Compartment Too


Is your puppy giving you the sad face every time you leave for work? Sneak them into the office next time with the Pet At Work Travel System, a specially-designed backpack that can fit both your laptop and your pooch at the same time.

Cheekily nicknamed P@W (Pets @ Work, get it?), the versatile bag offers separate compartments for both the dog and the notebook, along with a third one for a bundled portable dog house. Called the Pet Dome, the foldable contraption offers a soft crate that your dog can call home – while you stash it in the stock room, away from your boss.

The bag can be easily configured into one of three modes – compact, standard and expanded – allowing for some flexibility with the size of pets it can handle. At the expanded mode, it maximizes space to allow for up to 16 inches of depth, to go with its 15-inch width and 16-inch height.

As cool as the idea is, I can’t help but be concerned. What will happen to the notebook when a dog suddenly pees on the bag? Can someone sue the hardware company when a laptop explodes and toasts the pet (not to mention their back)? Why do I suddenly feel an uncontrollable compulsion to bring my pet to work after seeing this backpack?

The Pet At Work Travel System is available in two colors (black or tan) and sells for $178.

[Pet Ego via GearFuse]