Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket Gets Your Animal Pals Ready For Crisis Situations

Your house is on fire.  Being a calm and collected guy, you keep your wits about you.  You grab your important papers, a few supplies and make your way out of the house, taking your pet chihuahua while you’re on the move.  The pet, however, has other ideas.  Distraught by the situation, she panics, runs away from you and puts herself into even greater danger.

As smart as you think your little cat or dog might be, that’s usually how they respond to situations they aren’t prepared for.  The Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket, a safety outfit designed to adorn their little bodies, looks to give a hand.

How will it help?  The jacket is made of a flame-retardant material (certified by the Japan Firefighting Association) that will help protect your beloved animals from excessively hot temperatures, allowing them to remain less-skittish during crisis situations.  It comes with a carrying handle, so you can securely hold on to your pets, no matter how hard they squirm and panic.

The Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket puts on quickly and stays on tight, using a double duty strap mechanism.  It also comes with numerous pockets that you can load with emergency supplies, allowing your pet to double as a carry-on handbag, of sorts.

Apart from the actual jacket, the set comes with freezer gel packs (to help keep the pet cool), odor control bag (to cover their noses), water protection (hood and booties), a bell and waterproof ID.  Emergency supplies also come with the package, including sealed water packs, nutrition bars and bandages.  It’s available in three sizes, with prices starting at $472.

[JPS via Oh Gizmo]