Check Out These Life-Like Wooden Human Figures From Peter Demetz


There are plenty of beautifully-made wooden sculptures of human figures out there. For some reason, though, there’s something about these creations from Peter Demetz that make them look astonishingly more life-like than anything we’ve seen.

Perhaps, it’s the softness of the curves, giving them real human shapes, instead of the chiseled angles we find in most sculpted creations. Maybe, it’s the meticulous level of detail that recreate everything from loose strands of hair to wrinkles on the skin to tiny folds in clothing, making the sculptures look like real, living individuals. Simply put, it’s about as faithful a recreation of human anatomy as we’ve seen in a series of human figure sculptures.


On top of the impeccable amount of detail, the sculptures catch the individuals in the middle of performing casual actions, such as moving towards a door, walking in the beach, or looking at a mirror. Frequently, they’re pictured in contemplative poses, gazing down or staring at something from afar, with the general mood feeling somber and, occasionally, grim – a style that gives them an even more human character.


Demetz’s hand-carved sculptures vary in size from just 20 inches to 50 inches, with each one carved in mahogany wood. You can see more images directly from the artist’s website.



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