This Sturdy-Looking Petit Fou Clutch Bag Is Made Entirely From Paper


Paper bags can be useful for a whole lot of carrying jobs, but they’re hardly the nicest-looking things to have in your hand. While the Petit Fou is, technically, a paper bag, it bears none of the aesthetic drawbacks, sporting a style that can go well with fancy dresses and high-fashion outfits.

Designed by Paperlux, it’s a clutch bag that’s made entirely from paper. Yes, just like the ones little girls make when they’re trying to accessorize like grownups. Except, you know, much better-looking and sturdy enough to actually cradle your belongings throughout the day.


To ensure it can carry stuff without busting open, Petit Fou comes with a special coating that makes it much sturdier than regular paper, as well as strategic folds that maximize the paper’s strength. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been treated to play nice with water, so if some clumsy dude spills wine on the table, you better grab that clutch as fast as you can, lest see it begin to wither similar to any piece of paper. Same with folding, crushing, or bending, which will render it permanently deformed the way regular paper would.


It comes decked with diamond-shaped fold patterns that make for a really attractive look, creating variances in light and shadow across the surface during use. Other features include a magnet closure, holes on the corners for adding straps, and two available sizes. Each one is handmade at the outfit’s workshop in Hamburg.

The Petit Fou is available in six colors, priced at €23 for the medium and €25 for the large.

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