Do Laundry at Work: Petit Laundry Swoosh Portable Washing Machine

Somehow, you managed to convince the boss to let you install a personal fridge, a mini-donut factory, and a single-serve espresso machine in your office workstation. Having a mini-kitchen in your personal cubicle sure is handy, but it does open you up to spills and stains.  Might as well install a Petit Laundry Swoosh washing machine so you can clean your shirt when that happens.

A desktop washing machine, it measures a compact 29 x 29 x 44 cm (w x d x h), allowing you to easily find a spare corner of the desk to park it in.  That way, you’re always ready to perform a quick wash-up when you do end up dirtying your threads with all the soda, coffee and donuts you’re downing.

Being a tabletop washing machine, the Petit Laundry Swoosh has a small capacity of just 250 grams.  For the kind of emergency laundry you’ll need to do in the office, though, that should be more than enough.  Unless, of course, the wife threw you out and you’re squatting in the office, pretending to come to work every morning while spending the night in the boardroom or something.

The machine can use both hot and cold water for washing, with support for detergents, softeners and bleach.  They suggest setting the timer for 15 minutes to wash and 3 minutes to rinse a standard load.

Of course, you probably don’t have a sink in your cubicle, so we’re not sure how you’ll fill it up and get rid of the water.  Or where you’re going to dry it.  Yeah, this probably won’t work in an office.  If you want one, though, you can fly off to Japan where it goes on sale February 15th for 14,700 Yen ($ 160).

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