PetPaint Turns Your Dog Into A Walking Art Experiment

Your dog hates you and we understand why.  You had his balls cut off, you make him work for treats, and you dress him up in whatever idiotic costume you find amusing at the moment.  Here’s another way to make your pet hate you even more: PetPaint.

Built for those times when you want to dress your dog up but couldn’t find the right costume, it lets you spray paint whatever the heck you want right on his fur.  Want to make him look like a zebra with stripes?  Done.  Want your scary doberman to look less menacing by draping him in hearts, rainbows, and twinkling stars?  Not a problem.  Want him to sport a symbol that matches your new tattoo?  If you can draw it, it can be done.

PetPaint is a colored fur spray that’s billed as safe, clinically-tested, and vet-approved.   It can be used on dogs with both light and dark coats, so you can jazz up your beloved pet, regardless of his natural hair color.  You can only spray on the coat, though, so avoid spraying on the mouth, eyes, ears, and any open wounds.  Oh yeah, they also recommend not using it on puppies six months and under.

To use it, just shake the can and spray.  The paint requires anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes to dry depending on how thick you sprayed (keep him away from his Murphy dog bed until it does, lest you want it stained with paint), with the color holding fast for the good part of a day.   It can be washed off by simply giving the dog a regular bath with water and shampoo.

Available in a variety of colors, PetPaint retails for $9.99 a can.

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