PG-Bikes BlackTrail, The World’s Fastest, Lightest Electric Bicycle

Superlatives are often abused in marketing products.  When applied to the PG-Bikes BlackTrail , however, all the extreme adjectives being thrown around might really be appropriate.

They’re calling it the “lightest, most powerful, fastest and most technologically-advanced” electric bicycle known to man.  From what we can gather out of the specs sheet, they might be right.

Designed by Christian Zanzotti, the BlackTrail is a limited-production e-bike borne from a collaboration between PG-Bikes and UBC, with the latter providing their engineering expertise.  With an unusually blocky frame and parts that use carbon fiber, high-alloy aluminum, titanium and magnesium, it boasts ultra-durable construction, all while weighing a light 43.6 lbs.

Power is delivered by a 1.2kW CM48 V hybrid engine, which is paired with a 17 Ah CM48 lithium ion battery (150 minutes full charging time and 124 miles maximum range). Three driving modes are available: manual, cruising (18.5 to 31 mph) and maximum (up to 62 mph).  A small OLED display sits in front, right  below the handlebar, showing information such as battery status, charging cycles and current speed.    It uses a range of custom bike parts, including a full carbon fiber wheelset, HopeTech V2 disc brakes and a full set of LED lights.

While the speed and weight of the PG-Bikes BlackTrail are definitely impressive, we’re not sure if it warrants the €59,500.00 (around $80,000) price tag, even if only 667 of the German-built two-wheelers will be made.   Still, if you want the top-of-the-line in electric bikes, there’s probably nothing better.

[PG-Bikes via Design Boom]