Phase One’s A-Series IQ3 100MP: This $56K Camera Is Designed For Fine Arts Photography


It’s hard to nail down the exact definition for fine arts photography. All we know is, there are photographs that move us emotionally in ways that others simply don’t. And while you can use any camera to fulfill a creative vision, we’re betting the right camera is going to help you produce the kind of pictures that art connoisseurs aren’t likely to scoff at. Something like the Phase One A-Series IQ3 100MP definitely falls in that category.

Billed by Phase One as “the finest hardware the photographic world has to offer,” it boasts precision optics, meticulously-crafted components, and a fine-tuned imaging software to let you shoot images like never before. And, yes, it uses the company’s 100-megapixel full-frame medium-format CMOS sensor, allowing you to capture images with detail than you’ve ever shot in the past.


Joining the Phase One A-Series IQ3 100MP’s inordinately high resolution is an ISO range of 50 to 12,800, 15 F-stops of dynamic range, and full 16-bit color, ensuring unmatched imaging capabilities. Since lens cast calibration matters significantly in fine art composition, it comes with a new Factory Lens Calibrations (FLC) technology that automatically calibrates the camera’s optics depending on what lens you’re using. All you have to do is choose the specific lens from the 3.2-inch rear Retina touchscreen and the system takes care of applying colorcast corrections all on its own.


Features include 30fps live view, Capture Pilot integration, Rodenstock optics, and exposure times from 1/500 sec to 60 minutes. Body is designed by Swiss camera makers ALPA, with a rosewood hand grip that should make it pleasant in both look and feel.

The Phase One A-Series IQ3 100MP is priced at $56,000.

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