Philips HomeCooker Is A Multi-Layer, Multi-Purpose Cooking Robot

Multi-purpose kitchen machines are the way of the future.  Why flood your kitchen counter with a load of single-purpose cookers when you can free up some of that space with a single appliance that can do a whole load of things?   The Philips HomeCooker will do exactly that.

Designed in conjunction with renowned chef Jamie Oliver, the lone contraption uses a vertical multi-layer design that allows it to perform multiple cooking tasks at the same time.  And it’s not just some markething gimmick, either — the thing will let you saute, simmer, stir, melt, steam, stew, boil and fry.  Even better, it can do all those unsupervised, so you can spend more time parked in front of the TV than ever before.  Yep, just like having your very own cooking robot.

The Philips HomeCooker features a base cooker where all controls and electronics are installed.  A full set of removable layers are included, of course, consisting of a 3-liter stainless steel bowl, a steam tray, a steam basket, a pasta insert, a stirrer attachment and a glass lid.  To use, you simply put whichever layers and parts you’d like to put to work, choose what you want done on the control panel, set the timer (up to 99 minutes), and leave it to perform its duties.  No need to come by every few minutes to stir the pot or turn the meat — it will do everything all on its own.

It comes with 25 preloaded recipes that you can choose from the console to further simplify your cooking tasks.  If you want to vary up your dishes even more, you can also download additional recipes available from the official website.

Smart appliances won’t be cheap and neither is this one.  The Philips HomeCooker is available now, priced at $429.95.

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