Philips Hue Go Puts Smart LEDs Inside A Portable Lamp


If you’ve ever tried a Philips Hue, chances are, it’s changed the way you’ve enjoyed ambient lighting around the house. It’s easy to install, simple to use, and comes with downright unlimited options in the kinds and colors of light it can provide. The Philips Hue Go lets you bring the same amazing lighting anywhere you want to enjoy it.

A portable smart lamp, it comes in the shape of a bowl, not dissimilar from the Playbulb digital candle that we saw a while back. Inside the bowl, though, it’s the same Philips smart LED tech, allowing you to bring the same dramatic lighting ambience, whether you’re chilling at a party, camping in the lake, or sleeping in the car because the wife threw you out of the house.


The Philips Hue Go runs on rechargeable battery that can fill up after ninety minutes of charging and power the lamp for up to three straight hours. Like the Hue bulb, it can be controlled via an accompanying mobile app, although the lamp itself has integrated controls for powering on and off, as well as adjusting the color of its glow. The full breadth of its abilities, of course, will require use of the app, which lets it do everything from waking you up in the morning using gradually increasing light intensity to changing its glow to match the show on TV to serving as an alert for notifications on your phone.


Slated for release in June, the Philips Hue Go will be priced at $99.

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