Philips Mini Hi-Fi System Is A Standalone iPhone DJ Boombox

Once you’ve had your fill of DJ apps on the iPhone, you want to graduate to something more tactile.  While there are plenty of peripherals that let you take the virtual DJ-ing to the physical level, I have a feeling this Philips Mini Hi-Fi System will be a lot more satisfying.

Instead of just giving you a slab with a selection of knobs, dials and buttons for controlling your apps, the rig brings a complete standalone DJ set that you can park into a corner for an impromptu street dance party.  It’s, basically, a boombox with iPhone docks and DJ controls on top, in place of a CD slot (or a cassette tape if you were from that generation).

The Philips Mini Hi-Fi System features a pair of speaker boxes, with a two 2-inch tweeters, two 5.25-inch woofers and bass reflex speaker system, allowing you to blast tunes at satisfyingly loud levels for most house parties and street hangouts.  The speakers feature light-up edges, too, which blink to the rhythm of the songs.  On top of the frame sits two turntables with integrated iPhone docks, allowing you to pipe tunes from two different devices for mixing and crossfading duties, along with a whole host of knobs, sliders and buttons for various music-altering purposes.

Features include 300W of total power, a 3.5mm slot for adding extra inputs, dual mic inputs (so you can hype the crowd with your emceeing skills), an LCD display and a remote control.  While the entire rig looks a bit too big for casually hand-carrying like a standard boombox, it does come with handles on each side for easily hauling with a friend. It’s also compatible with the djay app on iTunes right out of the box.

Pricing for the Philips Mini Hi-Fi System is set at £299.99.  It’s available now.

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