Philips Noodle Maker Turns Fresh Ingredients Into Ready-To-Cook Noodles In Just 15 Minutes

If you spend a good portion of the grocery budget on pasta and noodles, it might be a good idea to just consider making your own at home.  And while making your own noodles sound like laborious work, it doesn’t have to be with the Philips Noodle Maker.

A dedicated countertop appliance that churns out fresh noodles from scratch, it will do everything that’s needed to turn your base ingredients into ready-to-cook noodle strips.  Just dump in the flour, eggs, water, and whatever else you want to mix in (like Hipster Dust), press a button, and sit back.  The machine will take care of mixing the ingredients and kneading them into a dough before extruding into the familiar-looking ribbon-like tubes you can then use to make your favorite recipes.

The Philips Noodle Maker comes with four different extrusion caps that will automatically cut the noodles into a specific shape, either in the likeness of udon, soba, ramen, or spaghetti.  Since you control all the ingredients, you can get creative with this thing, mixing in unconventional items to change up the taste and nutritional contents of your favorite noodle dishes.  Like, throw in some meatsauce along with the dough, so your pasta already tastes like cooked spaghetti as soon as it comes out or something.  Yeah, that probably won’t work (but should be fun to try).  It can make up to 500 grams of noodles in one go, which should be enough to feed up to four people, with one batch taking just 15 minutes to make.

Currently, the Philips Noodle Maker is only available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan but we are pretty sure to we’ll see some variant of this in US market soon. Price is ¥32,000 (a little over $300).

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