Philips Prestigo STR9320 Steals Other Remote Control’s Powers


Your plastic universal remote control probably does what you want it to do.  Still, it’s difficult to imagine ever using it again once you try the high-end functionalities of souped-up remote devices like the Philips Prestigo STR9320.

Sporting a 2.8-inch touchscreen with full-color display, a suite of buttons and impeccable finish, it’s almost as pretty as your cell phone.  It comes pre-programmed with controls for 300,000 of the most popular home devices, all easily accessible with a single tap.  If you have a device that isn’t supported, simply point the Prestigo STR9320 at that machine’s bundled remote and it will learn all its commands automatically.  Yep, it’s like Sylar from Heroes – it can read minds and steal powers.

You can control up to 20 pieces of electronics at any one time, allowing for some nifty functionality.  For instance, you can program a setting called “Watch Movie,”  which will automatically turn on your Blu-Ray player, set your TV display to the video input, load up the component and get the audio processor going all in a single click.  Do you seriously think you can go back to your cheap-ass remote after that?

Other features include customizable channel icons (thousands available) and USB connectivity (to get software updates).  The Philips Prestigo STR 9320 should be out now at an MSRP of $249.


Via :  CoolHunting