Philips Wake-Up Light Creates Artificial Morning Sunlight

You can’t wake up in the morning without the sun shining on your face.  Problem is, you just moved back to your mom’s basement after getting laid off and getting thrown out by your girlfriend and all your friends forsaking you because you drink all their beers.  And the sun does not shine in that basement.  What to do?  Maybe beg the parents (“Because, mom, how can I get a job if I can’t get up from bed?”) to buy you a Philips Wake Up Light.

Unlike puny bedside alarm clocks, the lamp isn’t just intended to rouse you up with noise that disrupts peaceful sleep — it brings the sun straight into your dingy basement abode.  Well, not really the sun, but artifical lighting that looks very much like it.  That way, you’ll get light prodding you to awake and meet the day similar to the way it used to back when you had a job, owned a condo in the city, and lived oblivious to the fact that you were headed for disaster.

The Philips Wake-Up Light is a round touch-sensitive lamp that simulates the appearance of actual sunrise (with UV-free light that brightens from red to orange to yellow) between 20 to 40 minutes before the alarm you set goes off.  That way, it can awaken you in a more natural manner, leading to improved mood and optimal morning energy levels (well, according to the product page anyway).  Aside from the sunlight simulation, it also doubles as a bedside lamp for soft illumination before you call it quits for the day, with 20 different light settings, a 20-year LED bulb and automatic dimming.

You can buy the Philips Wake-Up Light from Amazon, priced at $119.99.

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