PhoneSoap Charger Sanitizes Your Phone While Charging It

Sanitizing your phone is probably a good idea — you put your clammy hands around it all day, after all. And you don’t want to be handling that bacteria-laden phone with the same hands you will use to eat pizza just a few minutes later. While UV phone sanitizers aren’t new, the PhoneSoap Charger does previous efforts one better by also charging your phone while zapping it clean.

A UV sanitizer, it takes on a clamshell form factor where you can lay down the phone and have it bathed in a sea of UV-C light, killing any traces of germs, virus and bacteria latched onto it. It uses a pair of UV-C lamps to perform the deed, completely eliminating any unwanted element in just 4 minutes.

Aside from sanitizing your phone, the Phonesoap Charger has an integrated charging cable for replenishing your battery. It comes with a microUSB connector by default, which you can easily remove and replace with your chosen cable of choice, as well as a LED indicator for letting you know when the handset’s fully charged. The device has integrated acoustic audio amplifiers, too, so you can play music, hear alarms, and listen to an audiobook the entire time you’re charging and sanitizing.

The Phonesoap Charger is available in black and white, priced at $49.95.

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