Phosphor Reveal Uses Swarovski Crystals To Tell Time

If you remember Phosphor’s E-Ink watches, you seriously need to get a new sense of taste.  Those timepieces were remarkably unflattering.  The new Phosphor Reveal, however, is absolutely striking.

Billed as the “world’s first mechanical digital watch,” it has glittery Swarovski stones plastered all over the face.  Unlike most watches dressed in shiny crystals, though, the stones actually line up to show a digital readout of the time.

The Phosphor Reveal uses the company’s “proprietary Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital technology” (M3D), a fancy name for the internal mechanism that uses revolving mini-rotors to move the crystals into place with each passing minute.  While this particular line uses crystals, Phosphor says you can stick in other materials in their place (e.g. metals or even diamonds, if you’re the more luxurious type),  allowing for plenty of creative results using the same revolving system.  Just like e-ink, it only consumes battery juice when rotating the segments, resulting in low power consumption.

It comes with three modes: time (which shows a 12-hour display as in the photo), seconds and off (where the watch face is completely blank). The circular face is encrusted entirely in glossy stones, with the case bezel covered in the same crystals on some models.   Oh yeah, since the dial isn’t LCD, it’s viewable from practically any angle.

The Phosphor Reveal is available in six styles: four for women (with pink, red, white and black leather bands) and two for men (both with black matte leather bands).  They’re available now, with prices starting at $199.


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